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As I read thru our viewer’s feedback from the past season. It is undeniable that Spidercam is the most revered angle on Monday Night Football, both live and in replay. The variety of shots and dynamic movement transforms the viewer to the stadium, into the huddle and on to the field to experience the players point of view.

Chip Dean
Coordinating Director MNF, ESPN

Chip Dean

„A demand of the beautiful and spectacular sceneries from Special Cameras, especially from Aerial Cameras, has increased sharply over the past few years.

Spidercam, without a doubt, is the top notch when it comes to delivering the beautiful and spectacular and dynamic sceneries.

Not only that. The professionalism of the crew members, their thoroughness regarding safety-making absolutely no trade-off for safety, an instant coping response when problem arises, an understanding and affability toward the local culture, a simple  system that requires minimal time and effort to rig and de-rig compared with others.

All the above outstanding experiences make Spidercam my number one choice and no other Aerial Cameras I’ve work with in the past can’t even come close.“

KIM Yong-un (Jake)
President, Fixer Jake Company


Having worked with a multitude of vendors in my over 35 years in the Music and Television industries, Spidercam rates as one of my top three ever.

Michael Prince
Vice President Television, Feld Motor Sports

Feld Motor Sports

„We’ve used Spidercam for over 6 years now and their service, operation and professionalism is always exemplary. The addition of Spidercam on the ATP Masters 1000 tournaments and the ATP World Tour finals has elevated our tennis coverage to the next level, turning every match into an event.“

Dominic Gresset
Executive Producer, ATP Media

ATP Media