spidercam ELITE

The iconic shape of the spidercam ELITE is probably the best known system in our portfolio. The system that started it all is true to its roots: Four winches, one dolly, one control station – and lots of software and safety features. It can cover areas of about 250m x 250m, and is best suited for large venues like stadiums, arenas or large studios. Usually equipped with a 1080p or 4k camera and a wide anlge lens the spidercam ELITE combined with the Y Dolly can provide beauty shots, close ups of players or actors, it can follow entire plays or provide a birds eye view of the overall action. The spidercam ELITE is versatility at its best!

As with all our systems we provide a complete service for your production: The initial site survey, recommendation to place the system components, logistics and crew to setup and operate the system; our entire experience is at your disposal to make sure your event receives the quality it deserves.