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Research & Development

As the broadcast Sector evolves, so does spidercam®: We are constantly working on improving our systems to stay on top of new trends, increase the safety of our system and making it more user friendly.

Our R&D department successfully tackled large projects like the 4k-support, which demanded a partial redesign of the Dolly cabling, implementation of new components to handle the increased data rate and software adaptions. But also features like a Dolly mounted microphone or light can be offered thanks to our engineers.

As safety is a top priority of spidercam GmbH many improvements stay hidden from clients and spectators: the usage of stronger materials, improved designs of the internal construction or software updates may not be visible or impact on the quality of the shots, but increase the reliability, redundancy and safety.

Other projects of our development team revolve around reducing setup and strike time, giving the crew more time to focus on the production.

Besides these projects our R&D department also deals with specials enquiries: Sometimes clients need a possibility to move a different payload than a camera through space, or need a system with special dimensions. Using our know-how we can provide individual solutions for those requests.