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Interested in renting a spidercam®? Whether for Shooting a Movie, a weekly recurring TV-Show or Sports Events, whether inside or outside, whether in Europe, America or on any other continent: We have the right offer for you.

We support you with all necessary tasks related to our involvement: Starting with a site recce, Setup, the actual Production to the Dismantling our competent and experienced crew will take care of all required services. Profit from our extensive experience in the broadcast and movie sector.


A spidercam® crew usually consists of a team of three: The Pilot, Camera Operator, and Technician, who together operate the system. If needed the crew can be adjusted to meet certain requirements; a Rigger might be needed if the setup and dismantling is too complex, or an additional Camera assistant for movie productions.


Due to our broad experience and cooperation with Rental partners around the globe we are perfectly suited to fulfill your international production needs: we have been involved in events from America to Japan, from South Africa to Norway and collected an impressive amount of international know-how. We are closer than you think!

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