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spidercam GmbH has a variety of aerial camera systems suitable for different events or occasions. Check our feature overview below to find a system best suited for your needs, or simply browse through our products to learn more about them.

Spidercam Features      
GeneralFlying Area 70m x 70mxxx
Flying Area 250m x 250mxx
Full 3D-Movementxxx
Point to Pointxx
Fly at any heightxxxxx
Winch FeaturesSpeed up to 5m/sxx
Speed up to 9m/sxxx
Winch Footprint 80x60xmx
Winch Footprint 148x88cmxxxx
Silent operation less than 45dbxxxxx
Data Communicaiton via Fiberxxxxx
Dolly FeaturesGyrostabilzed Remoteheadxxxxx
Battery Runtime 6 - 8 hoursxxxxx
Camera OptionsFull HD Camerasxxxxx
4k Camerasxxx
35mm Cameraxx