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Based on the idea of a cable suspended, winch driven payload carriers a small wooden model was created in the year 2000. Over the following years this model should evolve into the spidercam®. The one man company, operating out of a basement, grew with the success of its product and nowadays consists of the headquarters in Feistritz im Rosental, Austria, and two subsidiaries in Hamburg, Germany and New Jersey, USA. Together the spidercam group offers its services and know-how to productions and clients around the world.

The founder Jens C. Peters still offers consulting services to the company, while the management duties have been handed over to the next generation.

The headquarters in Austria house the Main Administration and act as the engineering core of spidercam GmbH: Construction of new systems, Research and Development as well as repairs and Maintenance Works are done here. Furthermore any special projects are realized by Austria.