Based on the idea of a cable suspended, winch driven payload carriers a small wooden model was created in the year 2000. Over the following years this model should evolve into the spidercam. The one-man-company, operating out of a basement, grew with the success of its product and nowadays consists of the headquarters in Feistritz im Rosental, Austria, and three subsidiaries in Hamburg/ Germany, Charlotte/USA and Sydney/Australia. Together the spidercam group offers its services and know-how to productions and clients around the world.

The headquarters in Austria house the main administration and act as the engineering core of spidercam GmbH: Construction of new systems, research and development as well as repairs and maintenance works are done here. Furthermore all special projects are realized by Austria.

The offices in Germany, USA and Australia focus on the rental aspect of our operation. Together with our growing network of partners we can offer spidercam services in almost every location on earth.

The people behind spidercam

Alexander Niederbichler

Teamleader Service Center / System Engineering

Alex is the personified service center. The maintenance schedule, system specifications, spare cable stock, tech support - Alex doesn't handle those tasks, he is them. He also knows every joke, and sometimes wears a beard.

Andrew Craig

Operations (field)

Andrew knows system details, parameters, limits and how to pilot a spidercam to get the best shot. From Perth to Darwin to Sydney - when there is a spidercam in the air, Andrew usually isn't far.

Barbara Pikon

Finance & Accounting

Everything accounting runs through Barbara's hands. She is in charge of in- and outgoing invoices, approval processes and transactions. And sometimes she provides her culinary skills to the staff as well!

Bastian Warkulat

Tech / Warehouse

Basti is versed in maintaining and servicing spidercam systems, and can be found as part of spidercam crews in rental job. In addition, he takes care of the warehouse, the ITC and building services in Hamburg.

Bettina Pichler

Managing Assistant

Bettina not only supports Austria in all daily tasks, she also looks after Germany in regards to invoices and intercompany processes. Her positive demeanour and "can-do-attitude" help spidercam to master everyday challenges.

Brandon Crisp


Brandon is the well versed president of spidercam US. His experience in the broadcast field and familiarity with different technologies paired with his dedication to quality and safety allow him to perfectly encompass what spidercam is about.

Christopher Salcher

Engineer Service Center / System Engineering

Christopher is a quick learner and always eager to face professional challenges; qualities that helped him to become an excellent spidercam engineer. His almost contagious enthusiasm for spidercam is only rivalled by his love for football.

Clemens Berber

Tech / Pilot

Clemens is one of the most experienced spidercam pilots around. He complementary skills in rigging and his technical understanding of the spidercam systems make him a valuable part of any operating crew.

Daniel Aichwalder

Engineer Service Center / System Engineering

Daniel's years of experience as a mechatronics engineer made his transition to spidercam quick and effortless. If you don't find him tinkering with spidercam system in the warehouse, he is probably climbing a nearby (or distant) mountain.

Picture of Daniel

Daniel Frumlacher

R&D Engineer / System Engineering

Daniel is part of our R&D team and focuses on software and electronic developments. He is about to graduate from the local university (again), and we are already implementing some new insights and ideas he brings along!

Danny Paulete

Daniel Paulete

Senior Project Engineer

After years of working freelance with special camera systems (in many cases with spidercam) Danny joined our US team in 2021. Now he is not only travelling across the States to do site surveys or operate our systems, but he also has an eye on all our ongoing projects in regards to "the best way to setup a spidercam".

Dario Ruttnig

R&D Engineer / System Engineering

Dario is an experienced spidercam engineer and part of the R&D crew handling special projects. His previous position as maintenance engineer in the Service Center gave him valuable insight in the workings of our current systems, and thus the ideal qualification to develop even better ones.

Darren Mullis


A recent addition to spidercam Germany, Darren is going to look after our systems in the field. The polyglot from South Africa is already a valuable asset to our team, and we are happy to have him.

Ernst Bauer

Teamleader mechanical design

Ernst is spidercam's design engineer, drafting entire systems or individual mechanical upgrades using CAD. Besides envisioning the next generation of spidercam systems Ernst also assists with certifcation procedures and other R&D tasks.

Felix Werremeier

Technical director

Felix started out as a pilot and tech for spidercam systems, worked as a project engineer and contributed his software knowledge to R&D projects. His experience, paired with his dedication to spidercam systems, make him well suited for his tasks as Technical manager.

Frederik Haensch

Dispatch manager / Pilot

Frederik, or Freddy, collected valuable information as pilot for spidercam systems. Currently he is also handling the assignment of spidercam equipment to jobs based on technical requirements as well as required features, geographical conditions and availability.

Gabriel Gralewksi

Tech / Pilot

As one of our permanently employed pilots Gabriel is seen around the globe flying our systems. Besides operating he is also proficient in all aspects of setting up spidercam systems - including rigging.

Georg Peters

Executive sales manager

If you ever want "your very own spidercam" you will get to meet Georg. He looks after our sales enquiries, and makes sure our clients receive the best possible system for their application. When he is not in calls or discussing sales strategies he takes care of our brand and marketing.

Gerhard Neff

Operations Manager

Who does what and when and how - knowing the answer, and ensuring everybody else does, too, is Gerhards responsibility. He plans, schedules, staffs and revises, revisits and reevaluates projects, procedures and processes. In short: Gerhard makes sure the everyday business runs smoothly.

Gerald Nauerschnig


From sending small packages between our locations to coordinating multi-system-shipments across continents; Gerald is the go-to guy for everything logistics. Originally from Austria you can currently find him in Hamburg, where he is usually on the phone with shipping companies, customs or the chamber of commerce.

Greg Littrich


Greg keeps track of our Australian operations, revises and implements strategies and keeps in touch with customers. If anything needs doing, Greg is the guy to get it done - that's what we and our clients love about him.

Gregor Vogrin


Calculations, operating figures, accounting: All the numbers of spidercam US run through Gregor at some point. Beside some administrative tasks he handles all the financial aspects of the company and makes sure we can operate economically.

Herbert Neff

Herbert Neff


Herbert was one of the founders of spidercam GmbH. Since then he has been responsible for the strategic and financial aspects of the company. As owner he is always looking for the next challenging vision for the company and is invested in the employee development.

Jens Steinmann

General Manager

Leading the German spidercam team and making sure the jobs happen in the quality we have established for ourselves. Jens was previously responsible for our television and film equipment and has a very strong technical background.

Lauren Rosen

Project Manager

Lauren takes care of all the projects in Australia - she manages system transports, crew flights and accommodation, administrative duties and also keeps in touch with production officials - amazing!

Lisa Landvatter

Project Coordinator

Lisa is assisting the project management team with tasks around crewing, transport and travel. You can also find her handiwork across our marketing endeavours.

Manuel Ulbing

Project managment

Manuel, a recent addition to the team, is taking care of project management - whether talking software with colleagues, studying design proposals, discussing mechanical solutions with clients or a combination of all these tasks: Manuel keeps our projects on track.

Marc Denker

Managing partner

Marc oversees the daily business in Germany, making sure projects run smoothly and managing everyday issues inside and outside the office. Years of experience with our global operations provide him with a sound understanding of all challenges around spidercam broadcast.

Matthias Kluth

Senior Key account & Project Manager

Matthias is mainly looking after customers in the Middle East and Asia region, but also handles other international key accounts. And if you have read some of our Tweets you have a first hand experience of his social media skills.

Michael Maurer

Technical director

Michael has joined spidercam after his graduation, and has been with us ever since. As technical director he is not only familiar with all technologies currently in use, but also in charge of greenlighting and supervising new developments. Legend claims he is incapable of making mistakes.

Stefan Dammann

Key account & Project manager

Stefan oversees various broadcast projects, deals with clients and major rental partners in the Europe and Africa region. Additionally he handles spidercam crews in terms of availability, qualification and conditions.

Steve Dönitz


Steve is a hands-on tech looking after our systems in the field. He is a part of our operating crews and has seen a lot of stadiums, studios and other venues for spidercam.