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Our cutting edge systems are used globally for sports events, concerts and TV-shows alike – for almost twenty years. Find the best spidercam system for your project here, and get in touch with our rental department right away.

spidercam FIELD

The spidercam FIELD is the all-round system for exterior productions or events in big stadiums. Football matches, horse riding or concert productions are only a few examples of the spidercam FIELD’s application possibilities.

spidercam LIGHT

The spidercam LIGHT was designed to work in smaller venues, like TV- studios or indoor sports arenas. The reduced size and weight of the main components make the system easier to transport and setup.

spidercam MINI

The smallest system for the smallest venues: Adding 3D-flexibility to a News-studio, versatility to a movie set or unique views to an event hall: When size matters, the spidercam mini is the perfect solution.

spidercam BOW

The spidercam BOW is a 2D-Camerasystem which uses cables to carry a camera-platform (Dolly) along a track between two mounting-points. The unique design of the spidercam BOW allows it to change its altitude at any given moment.

Custom Cable Robotics Solutions

Sometimes you are looking for applications outside the broadcast sector. Our R&D department is always happy to tackle new challenges, and has already realized various projects based on our cable robotics experience – like satellite simulators or crop observation platforms.