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The Spidercam BOW is a 2D-Camerasystem which uses cables to carry a camera-platform (Dolly) along a track between two mounting-points. The unique design of the Bowcam allows it to change its altitude at any given moment. Each of the two winches holds two high-tensile Aramid-cables. By winding and un-winding these, the direction, altitude and speed of the dolly are controlled. As is standard in the industry, joysticks are used to input the commands, which are then transmitted via glass fiber cables, guaranteeing an interference-free transmission which can’t be achieved with radio transmission.

Concerning safety the Spidercam BOW is state of the art: A redundancy of safety relevant mechanical components is complemented by constant monitoring of all critical parts. In addition to that a sophisticated safety software continuously checks the system parameters for plausibility.

PDF-Download (Features and Specifications)